The Ultimate Mini Moke Model Car Collection

This page is intended to become a complete list of model Mokes ever made.


Please note:

All Mokes listed under „Specials“ are models made by private enthusiasts normally individual and not for sale, all other models are small or large quantity series by companies or private persons.


If you know any models not listed or if you find some mistakes please feel free to contact me.

Pictures of your models are always welcome but please be sure you have the copyrights for them.


Currently there are much more than 60 different Moke models listed!


A great THANK YOU to all helping me with pictures and links!

Last Update:            

                                  Jan. 06, 2016

                                  updated models: unkown1 -> Palapys, Dirk, unkown4 (pedal car) -> Brückner, Anton,

                                  unknown 5 -> Mini Moke Club

                                  added models: unknown9 (pedal cars), Gozan (Military Truck No. 516), Trax, Leeway


                                  Jul. 15, 2014

                                  added/updated models: Unknown7 (pictures added), Gozan Juguetes, Unknown8 (Specials,                                   RC Moke)


                                  Jul. 13, 2014

                                  added models: Reuter (specials), Moke Hat (Specials), Flüwa, Simon K., Berloo, Dinky (Code3

                                  model), Unknown7, new category for Specials-pedal cars


                                  Nov. 20, 2013

                                  added models: Unknown6 (Japanese RC-shell), Betteridge, Paul  (wooden Moke)


                                  Mar. 05, 2013

                                  updated models: wire skeleton Moke by Mitsuo Yamaka


                                  Mar. 04, 2013

                                  added/updated models: all Autosculpt, Vitesse, Spark, SL, Shambers, Specials (pedal cars),                                   Specials (Lego models)


                                  Jan. 16, 2013

                                  added/updated models: wooden Moke by Tony Fernandes (added link), Wire Skeleton

                                  Moke (new)


                                  Jan. 15, 2013

                                  added/updated models: Unknown2 (tin Moke) more pictures, Unknown3 Resin Moke

                                  (new) Moke go-kart (new), kids Moke (new)


                                  Jan. 13, 2013

                                  added/updated models: photo of wooden Moke, „The Daily Rust“: paper Moke


                                  Dec. 27, 2012

                                  added/updated models: DVD, Meccano, Minikits, SL, Sitaplex, Specials and more;

                                  some missing links added;

                                  resizing of the pictures to load faster


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