About Us

Graham + Judith

We are Graham and Judith and we live in Kenilworth, in the UK.

We have been friends with Daniel and Sabine since 2011, who we met when we attended our first International Mini Moke Meeting. I got Judith into Mini’s in the mid 80’s after we got married. We had an English Moke in the late 80’s, but Judith did not get on with the seat belts. We bought my Australian in December 2010 and Judith’s Portuguese in November 2016.  We have attended  International Mini Meetings since 1986, and the International Mini Moke Meeting since 2011.

We look forward to seeing you in the Alsace

Daniel + Sabine

We are driving Mini since 1987 and had our first Moke experience in 1993 when driving a Moke in preparation for the IMM in Offenburg/Germany.

Since that time I was dreaming of a Moke and finally bought a 1978 Aussie in 2007. During 2008 and 2009 it got a full restauration and I got a member of the Moke Club.

Since that time we have visited a couple of IMMs and all IMMMs except the first one. In 2012 we have organized the Blackforest IMMM with 25 attending Mokes.

We are looking forward to welcome a lot of Mokes again.